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gr::fft::fft_complex Class Reference

FFT: complex in, complex out. More...

#include <gnuradio/fft/fft.h>

Public Member Functions

 fft_complex (int fft_size, bool forward=true, int nthreads=1)
virtual ~fft_complex ()
gr_complexget_inbuf () const
gr_complexget_outbuf () const
int inbuf_length () const
int outbuf_length () const
void set_nthreads (int n)
int nthreads () const
void execute ()

Detailed Description

FFT: complex in, complex out.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

gr::fft::fft_complex::fft_complex ( int  fft_size,
bool  forward = true,
int  nthreads = 1 
virtual gr::fft::fft_complex::~fft_complex ( )

Member Function Documentation

void gr::fft::fft_complex::execute ( )

compute FFT. The input comes from inbuf, the output is placed in outbuf.

gr_complex* gr::fft::fft_complex::get_inbuf ( ) const
gr_complex* gr::fft::fft_complex::get_outbuf ( ) const
int gr::fft::fft_complex::inbuf_length ( ) const
int gr::fft::fft_complex::nthreads ( ) const

Get the number of threads being used by FFTW

int gr::fft::fft_complex::outbuf_length ( ) const
void gr::fft::fft_complex::set_nthreads ( int  n)

Set the number of threads to use for caclulation.

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