PyBOMBS GNU Radio Build Quick Start

To perform a simple GNU Radio install using the python build overlay managed bundle system (PyBOMBS) simply do the following

git clone git://
cd pybombs
./pybombs install gnuradio

Alternatively, to build the older GNU Radio 3.6 version, do this

git clone git://
cd pybombs
git checkout gr-3.6
./pybombs install gnuradio
Upon running the first install command you will be prompted for a few simple preferences such as
  • which install prefix to use
  • cmake debug flags to use
  • how to try to satisfy dependencies (typically "rpm,src" for fedora/centos/RHEL and "deb,src" for debian/ubuntu or just "src" to ignore the system package manager)

After the install is finished you can create an environment file (located in $prefix/ for your install by running

./pybombs env

Source this file (replace $prefix with the prefix of your recently finished pybombs install) with

source $prefix/

That's it! You can now run any GNU Radio tools from this shell. Please submit any recipes you add using github merge requests and report any bugs you run into either using the github issue tracker or the gnuradio mailing list

If you are feeling brave try running


Please keep in mind that each out-of-tree module has a separate maintainer, release schedule, and level of coding standards. At any given time not all out-of-tree modules or applications listed in PyBOMBS will necessarily build flawlessly. Please report module build errors to their respective maintainers.

If you experience excessive swapping during the compilation of source, you can try changing the makewidth=4 to makewidth=1 line in the ~/pybombs/config.dat file, which limits how many simultaneous compiler instances are spawned at the same time.

Also please keep in mind that performing source installs across a wide range of Linux distributions is a very tedious task. When using satisfy_order values of rpm or deb, packages are typically tested against newer versions of Ubuntu, Fedora, and RHEL - for less widely used distributions there may be minor differences. If you do run into this issue, please note that enforced dependency lists and rpm/deb package names can easily be modified to suit your specific environment by editing the appropriate recipe file in the recipes directory (such as pybombs/recipes/gnuradio.lwr). Again, please contribute your non-destructive compatibility fixes back upstream.