PyBOMBS (Python Build Overlay Managed Bundle System) is the new GNU Radio install management system for resolving dependencies and pulling in out-of-tree projects.

One of the main purposes of PyBOMBS is to aggregate out-of-tree projects, which means that PyBOMBS needs to have new recipes for any new project. We have done a lot of the initial work to get known projects into the PyBOMBS system as is, but we will need project developers for new OOT projects or other projects not currently listed to help us out with this effort.

A rapid SDR module management system for those with finite time in their day


git clone --recursive && cd pybombs && ./

If you experience excessive swapping during the compilation of source, you can try changing the makewidth=4 to makewidth=1 line in the ~/pybombs/config.dat file, which limits how many simultaneous compiler instances are spawned at the same time.

Graphical Interface

appstore.png (214 KB) Tim O'Shea, 08/16/2014 10:14 pm