Work in progress for release 3.7.4

This is a list of some of the planned new feature sets for release 3.7.4. This is not comprehensive; other features or changes could happen opportunistically and some of the below might not make the release.

By component

gr-atsc ATSC Digital Television demodulator
  • Merge in major update to ATSC code from glneo; performance is approaching real time for some high end systems (JC)
gr-fec Forward Error Correction blocks (FECAPI)
  • Merge in new work from Tom/Nick (TR)
gr-uhd Ettus Research UHD driver wrapper
  • Merge in Sean Nowlan's tagged stream block handling for USRP sink (MB)(DONE)
  • Merge in Martin Braun's implementation of embedding hardware commands in stream tags (MB)(DONE)
gr-vocoder Audio CODECs of various standards
  • Merge in Maitland Bottom's and Clayton Smith's refresh of the codec2 internal library (JC)(DONE)

New Component(s)

  • Merge in and extend Johannes Schmitz' implementation of sources and sinks for ZMQ sockets (JC)(DONE)