Google Summer of Code (GSoC)

GSoC is a Google-sponsored event to get students involved in Open Source projects (Website). GNURadio has participated in GSoC 2012 and 2013, and has 5 students accepted for GSoC 2014.

Students interested in participating, read the student instructions and the rules of conduct.

For previous and currently ongoing projects, read the page of past GSoC projects.

GSoC 2015: List of ideas

This is the list of project ideas for GSoC 2015 within GNU Radio. All of these projects have mentors, so if you have any questions, feel free to contact them!
Remember that these are ideas and are merely meant as an inspiration for you to write your own proposal.

Students who do not find a fit among these projects are encouraged to engage with us and suggest new ones. The GNU Radio discussion mailing list is the best place to contact all of us. Please do not contact us off-list for the sake of discussing GSoC, unless you're contacting a mentor listed here to get feedback on a proposal.

Reviewing the Google FAQ page for a broader understanding of project, mentor, and student responsibilities is recommended.

If you need a USRP to complete the project, we will be able to arrange something.

List to be written. Please add ideas, you may cannibalize old ideas, of course!

Guidelines for good projects (when suggesting projects, please consider these):
  • Clearly defined scope, with a main target that can be done in 3 months
  • Clear benefits for the GNU Radio project
  • Not specific to a certain hardware
  • Both OOTs and in-tree improvements are welcome

GSM analysis tool (replacement for airprobe)

Airprobe is a tool that was used to analyse GSM signals a while back. It no longer works with current GNU Radio versions, and doesn't make use of any of the new GNU Radio features. A modular rewrite would make a great out-of-tree module (gr-gsm). While this seems a daunting task, there are already many building blocks available which can be used (of course giving the original authors credit where due!).


Create an OOT module which decodes GSM signals. Real-time capabilities would be nice.

Potential mentor(s)


Old GSoC ideas

These ideas for projects did not find a student in previous GSoCs. The project ideas are left in here for archaeological purposes and future reference.

Signal Processing

Vector Network analyzer

Wireless Networks In-the-Loop

MIMO transceiver

Advanced Signal Visualization and Analysis

Optimization and Performance

Integration of OpenAirInterface LTE software modem blocks into VOLK

Automatic Filter Optimization

GRC and Development Tools

Remote deployment and control of flow graphs from within GRC

GNU Radio Companion improvements

QT and Python3 port of the GNU Radio Companion

Improve PyBombs

Measurement Toolbox

Network Coding Toolbox

Improved support for many-core floating-point accelerators

Channel Sounder (first proposed: 2012)

DECT Tools (first proposed: 2013)

gr-perf-monitorx.png - performance monitor example (218 KB) Tom Rondeau, 03/27/2013 04:25 pm

gr-perf-monitorx-small.png (105 KB) Martin Braun, 03/28/2013 05:06 pm

fir_vs_fft_ccc-scaled.png - FIR vs. FFT filter performance (41.2 KB) Tom Rondeau, 02/05/2014 09:29 am