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Tom Rondeau, 05/17/2011 08:08 pm
Added me as maintainer

Contribute to GNU Radio


GNU Radio is currently maintained by:

GNU Radio was founded and initially maintained by:

Coding Standards

All contributions should conform to the GNU Coding Standards as modified for C++ in [source:gnuradio/trunk/README.hacking README.hacking]

Copyright Assignment

Before we can accept non-trivial code contributions from you, we need a copyright assignment on file with the FSF. A description of the process is available here.

This boils down to the following instructions:

Submitting Patches

Every patch must have several pieces of information before we can properly evaluate it.

  • A description of the bug and how your patch fixes this bug. For new features a description of the feature and your implementation. Patches which include new test cases are especially welcome.
  • A ChangeLog entry as plaintext; see the various ChangeLog files for format and content.
  • The patch itself.
  • If your changes add a new feature, please provide documentation as a patch to the texinfo docs.

Submit your patch by sending it to the mailing list.

When you have submitted your patch, somebody will tell you what to do next. If the patch is small, just send it directly to the list. Be sure to send the patch as a mime text attachment, or pasted directly into the mail. Uuencoded patches, or patches otherwise rendered unreadable by peculiar mime encoding make it much harder for the gnuradio developers to read and/or apply your patch. If your patch is very large (more than a hundred kilobytes), try to upload the patch itself to savannah and post only a link to the mailing list.

Persistent contributors who submit high quality patches may be given direct subversion access.

Submitting Bug Reports

There is a special list for reporting bugs, , to enable the developers to track submitted bug reports. If you think you have found a bug in gnuradio, please send as complete a report as possible to this list. Ideally, you should include the text you get by running config.guess, the text you see when you run ./configure, and if you can, a patch made with diff -u5 which fixes the problem. If you can send a small script which fails with the unpatched distribution, but passes with your patch applied we can add the test to the distribution to make sure the bug doesn't reappear.