ChangeLog v3.7.9.3

This is the final, bug-fix only release of the 3.7.9 release series.


The following list of people directly contributed code to this release.

Bug fixes

  • cmake: Quiet excessive warnings from cmake regarding deprecated usage. (Stefan Wunsch)
  • gnuradio-runtime: Fixed race condition during flowgraph locking/unlocking (Jiří Pinkava)
  • gnuradio-runtime: Fixed incorrect pmt serialization for double (Johannes Schmitz)
  • gnuradio-runtime: Fixed invalid string reference usage (Daehyun Yang)
  • gr-audio: Removed inline comments in conf file to workaround parsing bug (Marcus Mueller)
  • gr-blocks: Fixed stream corruption at termination with UDP source/sink blocks. (Andy Sloane)
  • gr-blocks: Fixed tag propagation for stream mux block (Andrej Rode)
  • gr-digital: Fixed incorrect symbol reporting for unusual carrier allocations in OFDM blocks (Martin Braun)
  • gr-digital: Fixed missing documentation in OFDM blocks (Martin Braun)
  • gr-dtv: Fixed broken assertions in DVB-T blocks (Clayton Smith)
  • gr-fec: Cleaned up and fixed LDPC encoder/decoder pair for memory handling, documentation, and Python function errors. (Tracie Renea)
  • gr-filter: Improved documentation iir_filter blocks. (Laur Joost)
  • gr-filter: Fixed broken imports of optfir module in examples (Jiří Pinkava)
  • gr-uhd: Fixed timing of set_sample_rate call during initialization (Marcus Mueller)
  • gr-zmq: Accomodate gcc 6.x changes to casting requirements (Philip Balister)

Numerous MSVC/mingw incompatibilities that have crept in the last few releases have been corrected in this release. Special thanks go to Geof Gnieboer and Paul Cercueil (Analog Devices, Inc.) for their testing and patches.