ChangeLog v3.7.9.2


The following list of people directly contributed code to this release.

Closed issues

  • # 856
  • # 901
  • # 903
  • # 904


Several changes fixed type consistency of parameters and documentation/comment clarifications. The following sections summarize substantial changes by component.


Fix GRC support for scrolling with keyboard PAGEUP and PAGEDOWN buttons.

Pasting blocks will now * remove position offset when pasting blocks into an empty flow graph * ignore unknown block keys when pasting blocks

XML comments are now ignored rather than parsed as part of the block wrapper.

Rewrite block before adding connections during flowgraph import E.g.: Not all connections to a block with nports controlled via a parameter block could be restored from file.

Stop overwritting modified param values in epy blocks

Flowgraphs now run even if a bypassed block has errors.


Fixed sample range that fetches tags that would previously duplicate tags that show up on the last sample in a buffer.


Fix the internal mask for access codes in correlate_access_code_bb_ts and correlate_access_code_ff_ts. Previously the top (most significant) bits were set for the internal mask. This matches a fix fo the correlate_access_code_tag_bb block from v3.7.5.2. Look for similar fixes and consistency changes to the correlate_access_code blocks in the future.


FEC documentation continues to improve with every release. Fixes to improve support for LDPC blocks in GRC. The example flowgraph ber_curve_gen_ldpc should run properly now.


Reformatted documentation.


Always use volk_malloc rather than fftwf_malloc because some binary builds may not include AVX which will cause alignment faults when fftwf_malloc created buffers are used in AVX+ proto-kernels.


Remove duplicated tags in the tagged_stream_align block.

Fix the type of nitems in set_length (was int, now uint64_t).


Loosen requirements for multi-channel operations to have timed command capability.

A few usability fixes to uhd_rx_cfile related to messages in verbose mode and default options.

XML files call the correct functions for correcting DC offset and IQ imbalance.


gr-perf-monitorx has several small fixes. First, a stability issue that manifested with the ATSC receive flowgraphs was fixed by adding a small offset to prevent calculating log(0). Additionally the import of networkx has been updated to match newer matplotlib and networkx modules while maintaining compatibility with older versions.


Fix gr_modtool rename command for GRC XML files to include the module name.

Fix template expansion code for out of tree modules by adding to PYTHONPATH. New modules will also have a CMAKE_MODULES_PATH with the module cmake/Modules directory first over the installed GNU Radio modules.


A misnamed variable, INCLUDE_DIRS (set by pkg-config) vs INCLUDE_DIR (never set), has been fixed in FindThrift.cmake. The headers should now be found for the case of thrift being installed in a prefix that is different than the target prefix.

Cross compiling with thrift will now use the SDK sysroot's native thrift binary rather than the system thrift binary.

Minor cmake/swig fix to generate non-make build files.