ChangeLog for Version 3.6.2

Build system changes

  • Added support for setting SYSCONFDIR

Top-level component changes

  • A new top-level component, gr-filter, has been created. This component implements all the filter-related functionality that is in gnuradio-core, and uses the new style 3.7 API. The filter blocks in gnuradio-core are now deprecated; but will remain in gnuradio-core until the 3.7 release. Developers are encouraged to begin using the new blocks in preparation.

New signal processing blocks

  • gr_and_const_bb: adds bb type to gr_and_const* block
  • gr_annotator_raw: allows tagging stream with pmt key, value pair from outside GNU Radio
  • gr_endian_swap: change item endianess through block
  • gr_message_burst_source: turn received messages into a stream and tag them
  • gr_tag_debug: debug display of all tags going through block`
  • digital_gfsk_demod, digital_gfsk_mod: Gaussian Frequency Shift Keying modulator and demodulator

New feature additions

  • Support has now been added for ARM processors that do not implement NEON.
  • gr-uhd has added rx tagging for changes in sample rate and center frequency.
  • Added support for serializing pmt tuples
  • Added BER/SNR simulation example
  • Removed gruel dependency on inet.h

Bug fixes

  • core: fix minor bug in gri_wavefile endian swapping
  • core: only check for *.conf in preferences directory
  • digital: fixed incorrect variable name in qam_demod XML
  • digital: fix FLL block to use fir_filter
  • digital: remove unused parameter from DPSK demod GRC block
  • digital: fix use of Gray code in digital mod/demod GRC files
  • fcd: fix copy and paste error in documentation
  • uhd: fix stopping flowgraph while streaming
  • volk: don't initialize zero phase in rotator kernel
  • volk: don't use ORC for volk_16u_byteswap_u kernel
  • volk: add missing AVX support in volk_32f_x2_dot_prod_32f kernels
  • volk: fix __m128 cast in volk_32fc_x2_dot_prod_32fc_a kernel
  • volk: fix volk_32f_x2_dot_prod_32f_u_sse tail case
  • volk: use loadu for unaligned volk_32f_x2_dot_prod_32f_u_sse*
  • volk: fix for win64 MSVC not having MMX support
  • volk: special werror unused cmd line arg for clang


  • Ben Reynwar
  • Chí-Thanh Christopher Nguyễn
  • Hendrik van Wyk
  • Jaroslav Skarvada
  • Johnathan Corgan
  • Josh Blum
  • Martin Braun
  • Nicholas Corgan
  • Nick Foster
  • Tim O'Shea
  • Tom Rondeau
  • Wayne Roberts