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722BugNewNormalUse of freed buffers in vmcircbuf_prefs causes invalid file names to be used09/09/2014 12:52 am
721BugNewNormalgr-uhd multi_usrp broken in 3.7.4+Martin Braun09/07/2014 09:25 am
720BugNewNormalFix installation location of gr_log_default.confTom Rondeau09/04/2014 03:05 pm
719BugNewNormalchanging the signature is broken for gr_hier_block208/27/2014 07:25 pm
716BugNewNormalgr-uhd latest modifications breaks older GRC filesMartin Braun08/26/2014 03:09 pm
713BugNewNormalReusing a pfb_arb_resampler_ccf causes flowgraph to stop flowing08/17/2014 12:46 am
712BugResolvedNormalvolk_malloc does not use _aligned_malloc on WindowsTom Rondeau08/15/2014 03:37 pm
710BugResolvedUrgentvolk_malloc thread safety issue when not using posix_memalignTom Rondeau08/14/2014 04:50 pm
709FeatureAssignedNormalreset() for probe_avg_mag_sqrdJohnathan Corgan08/21/2014 08:02 pm
707BugNewNormalWhen Shebanging Python files, CMake should strip already existing shebangsMichael Dickens08/12/2014 01:29 pm
706BugNewLowsome blocks use boost::threading functionality instead of gr::thread (portability)Marcus Müller07/28/2014 02:56 pm
705BugNewLowgr-digital: tune failure if lo-offset is not definedMike Jameson07/27/2014 03:14 pm
702BugNewNormalfile_meta_sink/source do not accurately record stream contents07/25/2014 08:55 pm
701BugNewNormalclarify requirements on stream tags: order and preserving "duplicate" tags07/31/2014 08:36 am
700BugNewNormalChained changes to GRC parameters can produce multiple callback invocations07/28/2014 03:03 pm
699BugNewNormalclarify requirements on stream tag insertion: add_item_tag() invocation07/29/2014 08:10 am
698BugNewNormallack of tag namespace introduces metadata ambiguity07/31/2014 08:50 am
697BugAssignedNormalPython 2.6 support for "OrderedDict"Sebastian Koslowski07/23/2014 07:31 am
695BugNewNormalSetting sample delay for Polyphase channelizer fails.07/17/2014 10:44 pm
694BugResolvedLowinvalid copyright in template-generated sourcesMartin Braun08/26/2014 03:27 pm
693BugResolvedNormalblocks.delay does not properly handle negative delta_tTom Rondeau08/14/2014 03:27 pm
684BugNewNormalCheck for zmq.hpp during cmakeJohnathan Corgan06/24/2014 09:25 pm
682BugResolvedLowconstructor_interceptor func strips required amsg_source kwargsMartin Braun08/26/2014 03:30 pm
680FeatureAssignedNormalDeprecating proto-kernelsNathan West08/14/2014 03:21 pm
679BugAssignedNormalCreate unaligned and aligned versions of all VOLK protokernels when possible. (grooming kernels)Nathan West06/20/2014 11:04 pm

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