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667BugNewNormalReconnecting hier blocks can desync their internals04/24/2014 02:39 am
666BugAssignedNormalgr-audio OSX issue when paired with B2X0Michael Dickens04/22/2014 06:09 am
665BugNewLowgrc hier block message port issuesSebastian Koslowski04/21/2014 03:55 pm
662BugFeedbackNormalgr::filter::kernel::fft_filter_fff::filter(), fft_filter_ccc::filter(), fft_filter_ccf::filter() - memcpy, buffer index "i" can exceed ninput_items.Tom Rondeau04/10/2014 07:28 pm
659BugNewNormalThe RTL-sdr is not working on the new live SDRJohnathan Corgan03/23/2014 01:13 pm
652BugNewNormalTag handling with PFB filter blocksSean Nowlan03/11/2014 05:54 pm
650FeatureNewLowTag triggering support for QT constellation and FFT sinksNick Foster03/02/2014 02:06 am
649BugNewNormalgr::blocks::throttle should reset timer when stopped02/27/2014 01:32 am
647BugAssignedNormalGUI Tabs do not switch on WX GUI Scope sink channels on OSXMichael Dickens02/11/2014 04:03 pm
646BugNewNormalDocs in OOT-modules don't get processed properlyBen Reynwar03/12/2014 02:18 pm
644BugAssignedNormalgnuradio-companion compiles hier block erroneously when 4 or more regular outputs + async message outputSebastian Koslowski01/31/2014 03:50 pm
637BugNewNormalglobal_block_registry assigns key differently for USRP sink blockTom Rondeau01/24/2014 07:46 pm
632FeatureAssignedLowAllow a hierarchical block to connect an input to an outputJohnathan Corgan12/28/2013 05:52 pm
625FeatureNewLowClean up PSK blocks in GRCTom Rondeau12/06/2013 03:08 am
618FeatureNewLowRemove all remaining gr_<type> from codeTom Rondeau11/24/2013 12:44 am
606FeatureAssignedLowAdd /usr/local/include to GRC search path for binariesJohnathan Corgan01/09/2014 11:51 pm
605FeatureAssignedNormalCheck for existence of external library before using internal convenience librariesJohnathan Corgan04/18/2014 05:43 pm
599FeatureNewNormalAdd message port to rotate PLL of constellation_receiver11/16/2013 05:38 pm
598BugAssignedHighLock/Unlock segfaultingJohnathan Corgan04/11/2014 10:00 pm
594BugFeedbackHightop_block.unlock() deadlock when flow graph contains Python sync_blockJohnathan Corgan09/29/2013 06:40 pm
583BugFeedbackLowvolk_test_all : volk_16ic_s32f_deinterleave_32f_x2 fails on ARM for arch u_orc (v3.7.0)Tom Rondeau01/27/2014 04:58 pm
582BugFeedbackLowvolk_test_all : volk_32fc_s32f_magnitude_16i_test fails on x86 and ARM for arch u_orc (v3.7.0)Tom Rondeau01/29/2014 07:34 pm
561FeatureAssignedNormalDeprecate and remove gr-noaaJohnathan Corgan06/29/2013 10:01 pm
560FeatureAssignedNormalDeprecate and remove gr-pagerJohnathan Corgan06/29/2013 10:00 pm
540BugAssignedLow(cosmetic) gr_lfsr's constant should be 'unsigned int' instead of 'int'Johnathan Corgan01/09/2014 11:41 pm

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