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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Target version
927BugResolvedNormalgrcc broken, missing grc.python.PlatformSebastian Koslowski07/21/2016 08:35 pm
926BugResolvedNormalfile_open and file_save not escaping backslashSebastian Koslowski07/14/2016 07:27 pm
925BugNewNormalUSRP frequency tag shows value before DSP (just LO)Martin Braun06/28/2016 07:46 pmrelease-3.7.10
924FeatureFeedbackLowMake rotator_cc more convenient to useMarcus Müller05/25/2016 12:55 am
923BugAssignedNormaldoxygen doesn't "see" OFDM simpledfe doc commentMartin Braun05/19/2016 07:31 pm
922BugNewNormalgr::prefs doesn't look any further after failing to read prefsdir05/09/2016 09:10 am
921BugNewNormaloptional ports in QT-GUI blocks04/26/2016 04:04 pm
920BugNewNormalFlowgraph validation with bypassed blocksSebastian Koslowski04/26/2016 03:55 pm
919BugNewNormalNo QA test for gr::prefs / config file parserMarcus Müller04/26/2016 09:16 am
916FeatureAssignedNormalDifferentiate packed and unpacked bytes in GRCSebastian Koslowski05/19/2016 06:35 pm
915FeatureNewNormalBurst Shaper block: Add SOB/EOB mode04/11/2016 07:13 pm
914BugFeedbackHighpmt double serialization brokenJohnathan Corgan06/20/2016 03:36 pmrelease-3.7.10
913BugNewNormalRunning cmake in src tree pollutes directory03/29/2016 01:05 am
911FeatureNewNormalUpdate manual page for logging featuresTom Rondeau03/28/2016 07:27 pm
910BugResolvedNormalgr_modtool rename function incompleteMartin Braun05/22/2016 06:10 am
909BugResolvedNormalgr-qtgui: time sink with complex message input only plots real component!Tim O'Shea03/28/2016 03:47 pm
908FeatureFeedbackNormalgr-modtool does no versioningMartin Braun05/25/2016 06:58 am
907BugNewNormalControlPort setup_rpc function not called for pure message passing blocks03/07/2016 06:56 pm
905BugNewNormalGnuradio fails to compile with cmake-3.502/24/2016 05:08 pm
903BugResolvedNormaltagged_stream_align outputs duplicate tagsMartin Braun05/22/2016 06:13 am
902BugAssignedNormalError building gnuradio- in GCC-6Johnathan Corgan02/16/2016 05:26 pm
901BugResolvedNormalmultiple cli bugs with uhd_rx_cfile Martin Braun05/22/2016 05:12 am
893BugNewLowScheduler and performance counters operate on negative return values from general_work()02/07/2016 07:50 pm
886BugNewNormalCentOS 6.X SegFault in Control Port01/20/2016 04:12 pm
880BugNewNormalcmake enables support for ctrlport even when thrift is not foundJohnathan Corgan01/15/2016 03:00 pm

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