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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
824BugNewNormalFreeBSD undefined reference to 'libiconv'08/03/2015 06:35 pm
822BugNewNormalTag object block doesn't update with GUI changes - no callbacks08/02/2015 10:56 pm
821BugNewNormalVector Source discards tags when GRC callback to change data is called08/02/2015 10:51 pm
820FeatureNewNormalCommand line arguments to gnuradio-companion to take a non-interactive screenshot of a flowgraphChris Kuethe07/30/2015 09:42 pm
819BugNewNormalqt-gui crashes on OSX08/03/2015 08:08 pm
818BugNewNormalqt-gui crashes on OSX 10.1007/28/2015 05:24 pm
817BugNewNormalGRC Repeat Block Lacks Dynamic Adjustment of 'Interpolation' FactorKevin McQuiggin07/26/2015 05:40 pm
816BugNewNormaltag_debug block only displays output when the last input port has tagsTom Rondeau07/29/2015 07:09 pm
815BugResolvedNormalpmt::deserialize() is not thread-safeJohnathan Corgan07/29/2015 07:10 pm
814BugFeedbackNormal[GRC / QT GUI Time Sink] segfaults after changing number of inputsSebastian Koslowski07/29/2015 09:11 pm
813BugResolvedNormalGRC errors when entering byte values greater than '\xc0' in a field.Sebastian Koslowski07/29/2015 07:04 pm
812BugNewNormal[pfb_clock_sync] Segfaults when taps are constant07/18/2015 02:15 am
811BugNewNormalFreeBSD 'libusb_get_string_descriptor'08/03/2015 03:08 pm
810BugNewNormalgr-digital: qa_ofdm_sync_sc_cfb sometimes passes, sometimes fails07/12/2015 07:24 am
809BugResolvedNormalInstall of uhd fails on mac, looks like missing packagesMichael Dickens07/29/2015 06:56 pm
807BugNewLowruntime: a lot of things log to cout instead of using gr::logger07/01/2015 08:16 am
805FeatureNewNormaluhd_fft: Wishlist for featuresMartin Braun06/24/2015 04:30 pm
804BugNewNormalusrp_source doesn't output a new freq tag on command/tag-based tuneMartin Braun06/24/2015 04:27 pm
803FeatureResolvedLowgnuradio-companion: show block class name or generated codeSebastian Koslowski07/30/2015 02:54 pm
799BugFeedbackNormalVisual Studio compile errors ('""' is not recognized as an internal or external command)08/03/2015 07:17 pm
797BugNewHighMessage Blocks without data never exit from a limited data source06/10/2015 08:34 pm
796BugResolvedNormalSegfault when starting gnuradio-companionMartin Braun07/29/2015 06:31 pm
795BugResolvedNormalMissing/Invisible connection links in GRCJohnathan Corgan07/29/2015 06:59 pm
788BugNewNormalgr-uhd: Add more control over DC offset correctionMartin Braun05/06/2015 09:17 pm
786BugNewNormalPMT Inconsistencies05/06/2015 01:34 am

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