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Toggle_check # Tracker Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated
793BugNewNormalgnuradio-companion (intermittently?) seg faults when changing the number of inputs to a QT GUI SinkSebastian Koslowski05/27/2015 07:21 am
792BugNewLowgnuradio-companion refuses to save .grc if a note contains special charactersSebastian Koslowski05/18/2015 01:13 pm
791BugNewNormalPlease allow override for DOCDIR05/15/2015 07:35 pm
790BugNewNormalscheduler only selected by environment variable, not by asking preferences singleton05/13/2015 07:33 am
789BugResolvedNormalgnuradio- missing volk sourcesTom Rondeau05/12/2015 09:48 am
788BugNewNormalgr-uhd: Add more control over DC offset correctionMartin Braun05/06/2015 09:17 pm
787BugNewHighit9135 usb dvb-t 05/06/2015 04:51 pm
786BugNewNormalPMT Inconsistencies05/06/2015 01:34 am
785BugNewNormalCMake warnings with CMake 3.0.2Michael Dickens05/01/2015 01:46 am
784BugAssignedNormalAttributeError: 'constellation_sptr' object has no attribute 'set_softbits'Tom Rondeau05/12/2015 09:49 am
783BugResolvedNormalwork function in peak_detector2 block sometimes returns -1Tom Rondeau04/27/2015 03:51 pm
782BugFeedbackNormalTrigger delay causes QT TimeSink to use excessive CPU with tags and high sample rate04/09/2015 03:05 pm
779FeatureNewLowIIR filter "oldstyle" trigger should be removed03/22/2015 12:32 pm
778BugNewNormalSegfault using gr-mac and pmts. Race condition?Moritz Fischer03/31/2015 01:10 pm
777BugNewLowCpack creates corrupted deb packagesDan CaJacob03/19/2015 07:21 pm
776BugNewNormalvocoder codec2 strangeness in generated files03/18/2015 06:42 pm
775BugNewNormalComplicated sources cause Companion GUI glitchesSebastian Koslowski03/15/2015 01:37 am
770FeatureAssignedNormalGRC auto-apply grc param changes after x secondsSebastian Koslowski02/26/2015 12:29 pm
769BugNewNormaltimed dual-channel B210 capture always returns ERROR_CODE_LATE_COMMAND, single channel works fine02/22/2015 09:10 pm
768BugNewNormalsync_decimator_ff block with decimation above 262144 gives segfault02/22/2015 08:10 pm
766BugNewNormalskip head block should drop corresponding tags02/13/2015 11:25 pm
765BugNewNormalRename finished() member function in block.h to is_msg_handler_finished() or something similar02/13/2015 09:14 pm
762BugNewNormalWX-based apps will die complaining of C++ assertion m_window failed in GetSize()02/10/2015 05:33 pm
761BugNewNormalzeromq test failed on debian 7.804/12/2015 04:40 am
757FeatureFeedbackNormalRequest for clarification of puncpat within FEC_Extended_DecoderMichael Cribbs03/29/2015 10:09 pm

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