From 02/02/2015 to 03/03/2015


12:38 pm Feature #771 (New): Deployment and remote execution
I have been working on a remote deployment and execution feature for GRC and was hoping to get some feedback before I... Sebastian Koslowski
12:29 pm Feature #770 (Assigned): GRC auto-apply grc param changes after x seconds
A while back we changed the GRC GUI to only apply changes to block parameters after the corresponding edit field was ... Sebastian Koslowski


12:20 pm Revision 4c8ac632 (gnuradio): Merge branch 'master' into next
Johnathan Corgan
12:16 pm Revision 8ecfd13a (gnuradio): Merge remote-tracking branch 'pinkavaj/vect_integrate-00'
Johnathan Corgan
12:12 pm Revision b8b71711 (gnuradio): Merge remote-tracking branch 'nowls/digital/scrambler_grc_fix'
Johnathan Corgan
03:24 am Revision f426108c (gnuradio): blocks: integration supports vector input
Jiří Pinkava


08:44 pm Bug #769 (New): timed dual-channel B210 capture always returns ERROR_CODE_LATE_COMMAND, single ch...
When you start a dual channel timed capture in the near future with a B210, the work method of pr... Martin Dvh
08:10 pm Bug #768 (New): sync_decimator_ff block with decimation above 262144 gives segfault
On Thu, Feb 12, 2015 at 5:14 PM, Martin <[email protected]> wrote:
When you set the decimation of a f...
Martin Dvh


04:13 pm Bug #767 (New): QT GUI frequency sink mis-labels X axis with real input, and non-1024-length FFT ...
The QT GUI FFT sink will mis-label the X axis with real (NOT complex) inputs when "half width" is selected, and the F... Marcus Leech


11:06 pm Revision a374ec04 (gnuradio): Merge branch 'master' into next
Johnathan Corgan
11:04 pm Revision e03b287c (gnuradio): Merge branch 'maint'
Johnathan Corgan
11:03 pm Revision 4a1d5aaf (gnuradio): Update FindQwt.cmake to support qwt6-qt4
allow finding qwt6-qt4 library. Some distros have added support for both qt4 and qt5 in qwt6, the common name the li... Zero Chaos
02:02 am Revision 15b8adfd (gnuradio): digital: added reset_tag_key field to additive scrambler GRC xml
Sean Nowlan


10:02 pm Revision 514850b2 (gnuradio): Merge branch 'master' into next
Johnathan Corgan
09:57 pm Revision 521dac2e (gnuradio): Merge remote-tracking branch 'michaelld/better_fix_Python_shebanging'
Johnathan Corgan
09:55 pm Revision 31ded0c7 (gnuradio): Merge branch 'maint'
Johnathan Corgan
09:50 pm Revision 3f4cec96 (gnuradio): wxgui: fixes a bug with wx > 3.0.
See Issue #762 for details and discussion. James Saari
09:29 pm Bug #756 (Resolved): Prototype wrong for pfb_arb_resampler kernel filter functions
Fixed in commit:
By the way, I don't think it's necessary to point out t...
Tom Rondeau
08:13 pm Bug #707: When Shebanging Python files, CMake should strip already existing shebangs
I just issued a pull request for a new branch Michael Dickens
08:07 pm Revision 245d5bea (gnuradio): cmake: In Python files only, remove all shebanging (anywhere) then ...
Michael Dickens
05:58 pm Bug #758 (Resolved): Error from using SWIG 3.0.3
Martin Braun
03:47 pm Feature #729 (Resolved): Make buffer location (base) and length available to work function inside...
This is addressed in commit 1fe3a091a6ad0940ea8880c796f89ab194508b7e Doug Geiger
08:33 am Revision 20b26f48 (gnuradio): Merge branch 'master' into next
Johnathan Corgan
08:30 am Revision 6fc8f807 (gnuradio): Merge remote-tracking branch 'tom/pfb_arb_resampler_prototype'
Johnathan Corgan


03:11 pm Bug #764: Modules never seen, although they are installed
Please read this for reporting errors:
This ...
Tom Rondeau


02:39 am Bug #764: Modules never seen, although they are installed
# ls /usr/include/zmq* -lrt
-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 844 2015-02-11 19:46 /usr/include/zmq_utils.h
-rw-r--r-- 1 ro...
Andrew Kroll
02:03 am Bug #764: Modules never seen, although they are installed
Obviously I have them in C/C++, how else would I have built the python modules?!
No "package manager" was used. I bu...
Andrew Kroll


11:52 pm Revision be56f37f (gnuradio): filter: fixing the pfb_arb_resampler's prototype to use the correct...
Tom Rondeau
11:25 pm Bug #766 (New): skip head block should drop corresponding tags
Currently it appears that tags are passed through skip head unmodified, whereas the first N should be dropped along w... Tim O'Shea
11:15 pm Feature #757 (Feedback): Request for clarification of puncpat within FEC_Extended_Decoder
I'd really like to help on this, but I can't see how we can better document it. I'm sure that we can; I just don't kn... Tom Rondeau
11:08 pm Bug #764 (Rejected): Modules never seen, although they are installed
You're looking for the Python modules, but GNU Radio is looking for the C/C++ development files. The ZEROMQ_INCLUDE_D... Tom Rondeau
09:57 pm Revision 1fe3a091 (gnuradio): runtime: updating buffer base pointer accessor to return const char*.
Tom Rondeau
09:15 pm Revision bab014a9 (gnuradio): runtime: added accessor to get base address of buffer. Addresses Is...
Reintroduced qa_gr_block and added t2 tests to get input/output buffer size and base.
Need to include buffer.h, bloc...
Tom Rondeau
09:14 pm Bug #765 (New): Rename finished() member function in block.h to is_msg_handler_finished() or some...
To reduce confusing, it is desirable to rename the finished() function to something more descriptive. #730 requires t... Doug Geiger


10:22 pm Revision abdb40b4 (gnuradio): Merge branch 'master' into next
Johnathan Corgan
10:07 pm Revision c990e825 (gnuradio): grc: add error to WX/QT GUI blocks not matching the selected genera...
Sebastian Koslowski
10:07 pm Revision 40f5e6cd (gnuradio): grc: Move the XInitThreads to "As Early As Possible"
Seems some newer Qt do Xlib call right when doing the imports
which then means that doing it in the main() is too lat...
Sylvain Munaut
10:02 pm Revision 717c8233 (gnuradio): grc: Remove duplicate block paths
Martin Braun
01:02 pm Bug #764 (Rejected): Modules never seen, although they are installed
-- Python checking for lxml >= 1.3.6
-- Python checking for lxml >= 1.3.6 - not found
~# pip list | grep lxml
Andrew Kroll
10:58 am Feature #763 (New): No more hard-coded hier block lib paths in GRC generated flowgraphs
Currently GRC uses hard-coded file paths to import GRC generated hier_block into (generated) flowgraphs.
This is not...
Sebastian Koslowski


05:33 pm Bug #762 (New): WX-based apps will die complaining of C++ assertion m_window failed in GetSize()
It was suggested that I either update an existing bug or submit this as a bug. I have not found reference to "m_windo... James Saari


05:45 pm Revision 71ae9e2d (gnuradio): Merge branch 'master' into next
Johnathan Corgan
05:24 pm Revision a8a8f45e (gnuradio): Merge remote-tracking branch 'osh/zmq_fix'
Johnathan Corgan


10:22 pm Revision 2d4940d8 (gnuradio): zmq: fix for data corruption when not using tags
Tim O'Shea


03:16 pm Bug #692: VOLK: Error allocating memory - Filters
I've installed the gnuradio package for jessie and I'm getting the same problem. Volk(libvold-dev actually) was auto... João Dias


11:53 pm Revision edec5c71 (gnuradio): qtgui: added a variable push button widget
Sean Nowlan
10:07 am Bug #760 (Rejected): About Clock Recovery M M Block in Synchronizers
This place is for issues and bugs, not general questions about functionality of a block. Please use the Discuss GNU R... Tom Rondeau


09:51 pm Revision bb2021f0 (gnuradio): Merge branch 'master' into next
Johnathan Corgan
09:38 pm Revision 42c1d6d3 (gnuradio): Merge remote-tracking branch 'tom/blocks/peak_det_api'
Johnathan Corgan
09:31 pm Revision 08f00a15 (gnuradio): Merge remote-tracking branch 'tom/runtime_msg_passing_finished'
Johnathan Corgan
09:29 pm Revision fe73c262 (gnuradio): Merge remote-tracking branch 'mbr0wn/uhd/stream_args'
Johnathan Corgan
08:50 pm Revision 2c2dc2a2 (gnuradio): Merge remote-tracking branch 'nowls/master'
Johnathan Corgan
08:11 pm Revision b33345ba (gnuradio): Merge branch 'maint'
Johnathan Corgan
07:59 pm Revision fc7861ac (gnuradio): blocks: cleans up the docs for the multiply_matrix blocks.
Tom Rondeau
01:08 pm Revision 25f88309 (gnuradio): blocks: the API for the peak_detector blocks incorrectly uses int i...
Tom Rondeau
01:06 pm Revision 035b9d01 (gnuradio): runtime: possible bug fix for limited-run flowgraphs with message-o...
Tom Rondeau


05:30 pm Revision ec2d2786 (gnuradio): uhd: Added set_stream_args() method to sink & source
Martin Braun
01:20 pm Revision 22339073 (gnuradio): digital: update control loop frequency limits in fll_band_edge_cc w...
Sean Nowlan


10:08 pm Bug #692: VOLK: Error allocating memory - Filters
I've put Julien's patch on the out of tree VOLK ( which is going to be used ...
Nathan West

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