GNU Radio LiveDVD release 2013-1110

Added by Johnathan Corgan about 2 years ago

The GNU Radio LiveDVD has been updated:

Based on the Ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS 64-bit operating system, the GNU Radio LiveDVD is a bootable SDR environment suitable for demonstration and experimentation, contained on a read-only medium.

This release now has:

  • GNU Radio release 3.7.2
  • Ettus Research uhd snapshot 3.5.4-157-g7641b42
  • gqrx snapshot v2.2.0-51-g6e30181
  • gr-air-modes commit g585ecf1 ('next' branch)
  • gr-iqbal snapshot v0.37.1-5-gd4fd4dd
  • gr-osmosdr snapshot v0.1.0-44-g0d10f5e
  • hackrf snapshot v2013.07.1-59-gbef5835
  • libosmo-dsp v0.3
  • osmo-sdr snapshot v0.1-7-gcd37e9fa
  • rtl-sdr snapshot v0.5.1-14-g360dd36