Announcing PyBOMBS, the GNU Radio installation tool

Added by Johnathan Corgan over 2 years ago

We would like to introduce everyone to our new GNU Radio build system,
PyBOMBS. For more details, see the new project page:

This is meant to offer an easy way to build GNU Radio and its
dependencies. It's also a really nice way to co-locate and build
out-of-tree projects (gr-osmosdr, gr-baz, etc.). We encourage people
who have out-of-tree projects that you'd like to have more visibility
to submit new recipes for your project. The wiki page in the above
link should help you do this using github and pull requests. But first
check to see if your project is already there as many of them are.

PyBOMBS will hopefully take the burden off of Marcus for his
build-gnuradio script, which was a great solution, but he's expressed
his interest in moving on. One benefit of PyBOMBS is the easier
inclusion of other OOT projects and the ability to selectively and
easily install them.

Note that this has been developed for Debian/Ubunut and Redhat/Fedora.
So it wants to use debs and rpms where possible. It will be buggy on
other systems, though it should be able to install everything from
source if the recipe is built correctly. Patches are welcome!