GNU Radio release and 3.6.4 available for download

Added by Johnathan Corgan almost 3 years ago

GNU Radio releases and 3.6.4 are now available for download.

Release is a bug-fix only update to 3.6.3, and has no new features.

Release 3.6.4 has both bug fixes and new features.

MD5 sums:

c05a20a380532b7bce45465ba247f2d6 gnuradio-
320a7f18593ec493e1061141f23c9a86 gnuradio-3.6.4.tar.gz


Balint Seeber <>
Ben Reynwar <>
Johnathan Corgan <>
Josh Blum <>
Julien Olivain <>
Martin Braun <>
Mike Jameson <>
Nicholas Corgan <>
Roy Thompson <>
Sylvain Munaut <>
Tim O'Shea <>
Tom Rondeau <>

The detailed changelog for both releases is: