Bug #509

bug in digital_bert_rx.py

Added by Ben Reynwar almost 2 years ago. Updated over 1 year ago.

Status:ClosedStart date:01/17/2013
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Email to mailing list from Charles Ru:

I found a bug in digital_bert_rx.py. My current version of GNU Radio is 3.6.2.
The bug is in line 118(I'm not sure if I have changed the file already),

self._source = uhd_receiver(options.args, options.bitrate,

Here, the "options.bitrate" should be replaced by "symbol_rate".
May be you guys have fixed this bug in 3.6.3?

But still problems in digital_bert_rx.py or digital_bert_rx.tx.py, cause I do the bpsk test and everything works well.
But the other mods/demods cannot get a correct BER even though I fix the bug above.
The BER is always aroud 0.1666 or 0.20!
Can anyone help me on this?



#1 Updated by Ben Reynwar over 1 year ago

I have fixed the bitrate -> symbol_rate bug. However I haven't checked out the reported high BERs yet.

#2 Updated by Johnathan Corgan over 1 year ago

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#3 Updated by Johnathan Corgan over 1 year ago

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