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GRCon is our annual conference for the GNU Radio project & community, and is one of the premier venues for software radio. Head to the GRCon site to view registration information, the call for presentations, and other conference details!

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GNU Radio is Free Software. That means it’s free as in price, and you are free to use & modify it as you wish.


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GRCon 2016 Wireless Hacking Challenge

Blog Development

Summer of Code 2016: Wrapping it up

We're nearing GNU Radio Conference, the summer is coming to an end - and so is the summer of code, at least for GNU Radio. This summer was a great summer in terms of student participation, and as the students are preparing their last commits, this seems a good time to summarize their efforts.

GNU Radio & ML Tools in a Docker Image

Getting all of the open source tools set up for software radio experimentation can be a headache, but is a necessary prerequisite for any new students or researchers starting to dive into the area. Machine learning has some similar pains, getting things set up can take a bit of time and effort and cost additional ramp-up time for researchers. By providing all of these in a simple docker container, we hope to provide an easy method to help Radio and Machine Learning researchers get up and running quickly!

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